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Max "MJ" Kaffl

FirstName Max
FamilyName Kaffl
Instagram maxkaffl
Vimeo Max Kaffl "MJ"
DateOfBirth 1991-01-14
location Aschau
job landscaper
other hobbies slackline, tramp, longboarding, fishing, BBQ
boarding since 2005
stance regular | variable
best trick FS7 Rodeo
favorite trick Rodeo
SignatureMove FrontFlip
motto Tweak like a freak!
sponsors Haexa Sionyx Shop
height 175 cm
clothes size M-L | Hoodies XL
shoe size EU 41-42
hair color brown
eye color green-brown
DownLoad ShredFolio

All of MJ's edits as YouTube playlist.
Be sure to to watch fullscreen, at full volume and in the highest resolution!


SnowFront | SnowBoard- & FreeSki-Team - LIFE IS HARD IN OUR PANTS

SnowBoard- & FreeSki-Team

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SnowFront | SnowBoard- & FreeSki-Team - LIFE IS HARD IN OUR PANTS
Max Meissner
Lohweg 44
83088 Kiefersfelden

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